Four months ago, Leila Schneps started a crowd-funding project to translate part 3 of Scharlau’s biography of Grothendieck. So far, she raised 3350 of the required 6000 dollars from 45 donations.

In two months I’ll be teaching ‘Logic and Set Theory’ for the first time, a first year, first semester course on Foundations. And no (though I considered it for a nanosecond) I will not trow HoTT at them…

A nice interview with Jacques Roubaud (the guy responsible for Bourbaki’s death announcement) in the courtyard of the ENS. He talks about go, categories, the composition of his book $\in$ and, of course, Grothendieck and Bourbaki.

At times it is far more rewarding to enter into an exchange on G+ than to try to write yet another blog post here…

Supernatural numbers also appear in noncommutative geometry via James Glimm’s characterisation of a class of simple $C^*$-algebras, the UHF-algebras.

Below, a great G+-post by Allen Knutson, pointing to a talk given by Voevodsky in which he explains why  some errors (by himself and others) convinced him that mathematics needed a new foundation.

Erna Bannow was born october 6th1911 in Schlawe (Pommern), now Sławno in Poland. In 1930 she finished her secondary studies at the Oberlyzeum Merseburg (near Leipzig). She then continued her studies at the universities of Marburg, Bonn, and Göttingen.

Many identify the ‘Tohoku Mathematical Journal’ with just one paper published in it, affectionately called the Tohoku paper: “Sur quelques points d’algèbre homologique” by Alexander Grothendieck.

A post by Nature is causing some ripples at Google+.